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  • Hi,

    I recently bought an Arduino Fio v3 and XBee Series 1 I'm trying to establish 2-way serial communication between the Fio/XBee and another XBee connected to USB Explorer and my MacBookPro.

    However so far I'm only able to establish 1-way communication. Meaning I can send commands e.g. 1, 0 to the Fio/XBee and make it switch on/off the onboard LED. However I'm unable to receive any communication back from the Fio/XBee.

    TX LED on Fio is always on RX LED on Fio is always off. ASO LED is blinking indicating established connection. RSSI LED lights up when sending commands to the Fio/XBee.

    I connected the XBee to another Arduino UNO with regular XBee shield and 2-way communication is possible without any problem. Which made me exclude any setup error on the XBee side.

    I configured serial communication on the Fio/Xbee to use Serial1 (which supposedly sends it directly to XBee vs USB). If I use Serial it sends communication back to my Mac via the USB cable which crashes my Mac after a short period of time. Fio is currently powered by either USB to my Mac or external USB power supply.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Best, Daniel

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