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  • It’s really frustrating that I’ve bought this shield and I can’t get it to work reliably.

    There are many different sets of directions between these comments, the downloaded examples in the library, the product “quickstart” and the product forum. I feel like I’m doing a massive research project.

    As it stands the quickstart doesn’t work. I downloaded the two libraries Fat16 and SdFat, downloaded the example, and it wouldn’t compile. Plus, the quickstart code is very hard to follow. The disconnected code snippits are very hard to understand out of context, especially when they wouldn’t even work if they were in context.

    Then I downloaded the SdFat library from This seemed to work much better (after I figured out that I needed to extract the SdFat folder from the download to the library, not the whole download)… but then I still get an error when running one of the examples: SD errorCode 0X4

    I have no idea where to go to find out what’s causing the error.

    I’ve had very good experience with SparkFun’s customer service, but what happened here? Why is this product so complicated? I wouldn’t mind reading 20 pages of literature to understand this product, if it got everything working… but following link to links to links is very frustrating, especially when it doesn’t even work out.

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