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  • Ok found the problem for the bad ADC reading. It was a bad joint ! Now it works very well.
    Sorry for the unecessary post.


  • I uploaded to the “Thing” the example sketch “AP Web Server” with success. I can read and write but the ADC does not work! It just shows reading from 30 to 60 where I was expecting a reading of 307 ( with 0,3 volts applied). Is the code or the esp ADC does not work properly?


  • Which baud rate should I use for the “Thing” I did try with 115200 (the baud rate I used with the wifi module) but nothing happens. My intention is to begin using the “Thing” with the AT commands I did use with the wifi module. Is it possible ? (I cut the DTR short)

    Thank you for the answer. Alberto

  • Thank you Jimb0 for the quick answer. So I cannot use gpio16 as a digital IO ? Or if I will not use the sleep, then I could use it ?

    Sorry for the simple questions but I just started and I have a long way to go before I could use this item properly.


  • Why gpio 16 is marked as Xpo?

  • Thank you for the reply. Yes your answer did help a lot, at least now I know that cc3000 must be enabled via SPI. Got to study the communication protocol and see if I am able to port it.

    Thank you again.



  • I have downloaded smartconfig and run it on my smartphone, but I am anable to connect to the cc3000 wifi breakout. Can I have some input on how to connect it? Read read several time the hookup guide with no luck. Is my intention to use the cc3000 for a TCP/IP connection using a pic 18F2620 @ 40 MHz.

    More info: I tryed to connect cc3000 with smartconfig with cc3000 only connected to +5 volts and ground. Do I need to ENABLE something for the connection?

    Thank you in advance for any help given .


  • GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,99.99,99.99,99.99,*64 is what I receive. Data sheet state that 1 in this group of data means “NO FIX AVAILABLE” what does it means? How do I supply the FIX to the module? How and where could I obtain the FIX?


  • I have connected the module and after one hour I still receive useless info (almost all fields empty) Do I have to Tx any info to the module? If yes where to read how?

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