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  • True but the mag and accel are not right next to each other

  • I finally got the i2c working on a Xmega128a1U but I am trying to understand how I can read all 9 value at the same time? By same time I mean that the values were all clocked in from the ADC’s at the same time. So I don’t want values for another time interval. I will be reading the sensor data one right after>ay->az->gx->gy->gz->mx->my->mz(unless there is a better way please point out my errors)

  • The manufacturer of the chip is making one Q@ 2012 MPU-9250

  • does this chip work with 3.3v logic? datasheet says (VDD = 2.375V-3.465V, VLOGIC= 1.8V±5% or VDD) I’m guessing this means 3.3 logic(if VDD=3.3) or 1.8 logic.

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