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  • Thanks for the info, it was great help. I had a feeling that was the problem with the compilation errors, the files were there but arduino didn’t read them for some reason. Downloaded a newer version of arduino and everything was fine. Thanks again, Craig

  • Hi guys, just wondering what the best way would be to log data when placing the weather board outside, as in could you use a simple usb stick or would you have to do something via a serial port.

    I am new to all this. When I downloaded the firmware and tried to compile it it keeps giving me errors. Just wondering what changes I could make or am I doing something stupid. Just want the firmware code to compile first before I start making changes. For the weatherboard I got these errors

    for lines 86&87 it says SHT1x and SFE_BMP085 does not name a type for lines 211&303 it says the pressure sensor wasn’t declared while for line 275 the humidity sensor wasn’t declared

    The BMP085 file had similar errors but the file SHT1x is giving me errors which may be the ones that are causing me problems in compiling

    In file included from ReadSHT1xValues.ino16: …… error: expected ‘,’ before…. I think the file just may not be read right and I’m not sure why. Any help would be immensely helpful

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