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  • Neat project. I wish I could build something like this into my phone’s mic. I don’t snore (confirmed by the wife) but on a recent work trip, I shared a hotel room with a colleague that definitely does. While doing my morning browsing, I noticed a few banner ads for medical scams that promised to cure snoring.

    I can’t be sure if this is just confirmation bias and I noticed the ads only because snoring was on my mind anyway, but the paranoid side of me thinks the phone is listening too…

  • Well, that’s a lot more than the number of atoms in the observable universe. Damn.

  • Any idea what the maximum output impedance of the sensor can be? Those 100 Ohm resistors makes me think it has to be pretty small.

    I have a pressure sensor that’s basically a load cell but the output impedance is 1.5K.

  • Weight is in the datasheet:

    3.13 Weight Less than 150 g

  • 9DOF. That block, plus GPS and given the results from the single board computer benchmarks in this blog post would make the Edison into a really capable IMU. Imagine what you could do if your HAB knew where it was pointing…

  • When will a breakout board be available for the repulsor array?

  • Wow, the Edison really stands out in these tests.

  • Radiation is also the reason why no one will be landing on or orbiting Europa anytime soon. When it comes up, it’s fairly common to see internet comments that complain that the Europa Clipper will only do flybys, or that the JUICE mission plans to orbit Ganymede and not Europa.

    But building radiation hardened electronics and instruments that can survive the radiation environment around Europa is simply not feasible.

  • The second product image shows several stacked blocks. Is the stacking interface the 70 pin connector? Is that really a through hole connector?

  • Great post Mike!

    When I was working at MIT I had a chance to chat with Sara Seager about her interplanetary cubesat ideas. Comm is definitely one of the biggest issues, but I’m also not sure what’s going to push a cubesat to Mars…