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  • To answer my own question (for the next guy in my shoes); the original pin-outs are fine for the Arduino UNO R3, actually do not change them (except the status LEDs). The SPI library has some pins hard coded into it and if you change pins related to SPI then it won't work. Secondly after I RTFM, I realized you have to apply power to V+ (VSA/VSB on the chip itself) and GND before the chip will wake-up and talk to you over SPI.

  • Has anyone gotten this to work with an Arduino UNO, and if yes would you please share with me your pin assignments? Using the sample code; my call to dSPIN_GetParam(dSPIN_CONFIG) always returns "0", so I think my communication isn't working, maybe due to my pin assignment choices.

    On the UNO, pin 13 is hard coded to an LED on the board, so I reassigned pin 13 from SCK to STATUS1 and then used pin 2 for SCK, as shown below. However, as soon as SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE3)executes during the initialization, pin 13 goes high and will not come back down, even if I explicitly set it low with digitalWrite(13,LOW). I'm not sure what this means. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions on getting this going with the UNO.

    #define SLAVE_SELECT_PIN 10  // Wire this to the CSN pin
    #define MOSI             11  // Wire this to the SDI pin
    #define MISO             12  // Wire this to the SDO pin
    #define SCK              2  // (was 13) Wire this to the CK pin
    #define dSPIN_RESET      6   // Wire this to the STBY line
    #define dSPIN_BUSYN      4   // Wire this to the BSYN line
    #define STAT1            13   // (was 14) Hooked to an LED on the test jig
    #define STAT2            9   // (was 15) Hooked to an LED on the test jig
    #define SWITCH           8   // Hooked to the switch input and a pB on the jig
  • Can anyone tell me if this board is sensitive enough to give you a dSPIN_STATUS_STEP_LOSS_A or dSPIN_STATUS_STEP_LOSS_B status after loosing only a single step?

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