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  • Got this board, plugged it into my Arduino2560, using 3.3V output. Comes on, status light flashing, pairs with my computer no problem. Took the board and connected it to my STK600, same 3.3V setting. Module doesn't come on, no flashing lights, etc. Checked the wiring with my meter, 3.3V as it should be from the STK600. Scratching my head as to why it powers on with the Arduino but not the STK600. Any ideas?

  • So I switched over to my STK600 with an AtMega2560. Wired everything correctly according the docs, running the STK600 at 2.0V. Attempted to read the DEVID from the device with the following bytes sent in order: 0x0B 0x00 0x00. The result after the 3rd byte was 0xFF which is incorrect. Verified everything with a scope to make sure bytes sent and received. MOSI looks good going out, MISO shows all high during the 3rd clock sequence for the 3rd byte transfer. I also have a ADXL345 which I have successfully been able to wire up and run, no problems. Any help appreciated.

  • Just received the ADXL362 and have it wired up to an Arduino 2560. Ran the Arduino library example linked above and have the following results:

    Soft Reset

    Setting Measeurement Mode - Reg 2D before = 0, Reg 2D after = 0

    Start Burst Read of all Control Regs - Library version 6-24-2012: Reg 20 = 0 Reg 21 = 0 Reg 22 = 0 Reg 23 = 0 Reg 24 = 0 Reg 25 = 0 Reg 26 = 0 Reg 27 = 0 Reg 28 = 0 Reg 29 = 0 Reg 2A = 0 Reg 2B = 0 Reg 2C = 0 Reg 2D = 0 Reg 2E = 0

    Obviously not correct. Any ideas what I did wrong? Or is the ADXL362 been hosed?

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