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  • I checked my battery documentation (sparkfun PRT-00339) and it seems it has an under voltage protection circuit too ! So it’s OK!

    Thank you for the precious hint DAG !

  • I performed a test with an external power supply, simulating the battery, starting from 4.2V and going down until the promicro turned itself off. The board stays on till 2.6 / 2.7 V, but these are far too low voltages for a single cell LiPo.

    Which could be the simplest way to force arduino off when the voltage goes down 3.0 V ?

  • Thank you DAG144, does this setup also prevent the LiPo from going too low in voltage (and damaging itself) ?

  • Hi,I’ve recently purchased this item and I was wondering about the best solution to charge a battery and use the Arduino Pro Micro at the same time. I mean: I want to design a portable device based on this board that normally gets the power from a 3.7 liPo, then when the battery’s low the device goes off until the user connects a USB cable to the Arduino. At this point the liPo starts its charging process drawing current from the USB. Basically the same bahaviour of any mobile phone or mp3 player.

    Do you know any (small) board/IC that could help me ? Thank You !

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