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  • Hi, I ordered this some time ago and am finally getting to use this in a project. I have a pair communicating very nicely through several walls. Both are mounted on Arduino Uno's. However, I want ethernet connectivity. So I bought an ArduinoEthernet board that has the ethernet integrated (not as a separate shield). However, the RFM22 and ArduinoEthernet combination fails to initialize. My guess is that they are both sharing some I/O pins. Is there any way to figure out what the conflict is? Thanks in advance, -VB

  • Never mind, it looks like there are really only 2 choices, and that either one will work.

  • Sorry, one more question: I'm new to this PIC stuff. Will any 18-pin chip work, or do I need to use a specific chip?

  • Perfect. Thanks!

  • The schematic calls for a 12v supply. The related and recommended products below show a 9v supply. Is it know for certain that this supply is compatible with this board? Thanks!