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  • Any word on the datasheet?

  • Every time I upload a new sketch, the EEPROM is erased. I store calibration data in the EEPROM, so this is a real problem. Any suggestions? – The best suggestion is to check one’s code. Operator error… It is not erasing on upload.

  • I’ve had this on backorder for quite awhile. What’s the ETA? I really don’t want to have to order it from somewhere else…

  • The only way to get to china and remain sane: EVA air economy delux, and Ambien. :-}

  • Anyone had any luck connecting this to an Arduino? I’m using the 3.3V rail, and A0 as the input, and best case, yelling into it, I get maybe a 13-point offset from the nominal read of 300.
    Hooking the audio output up to a scope, I see almost nothing unless I tap it on the table top.

  • For the next hardware, it would be super helpful if you could put in a three pin header:
    1 - +3.3V
    2 - Vpullup
    3 - +5V
    That would avoid ungainly jumpering around on the target board, by allowing a single jumper to address 99% of the pull-up issues.

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