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  • My order just got cancelled… What happened?

  • I’m getting some weird measurements from my unit.

    I set it up last night before I left work, and came back this morning to check on it. The CO2 level slowly ramped from 400 to 6500 over the last ten hours, and TVoc up to 600. Needless to say, at those levels I think I’m dead.

    I blew on the sensor, expecting to see the CO2 increase slightly, but instead it dropped to 1500, and the TVoc to 180. Still sounds pretty unhealthy, and unlikely.

    Was it cooking off some residue from mfg, or something?

    I know the spec sheet says it need 24h to be accurate, but do we expect it to be this far off after only ten?

  • Any word on the datasheet?

  • Every time I upload a new sketch, the EEPROM is erased. I store calibration data in the EEPROM, so this is a real problem. Any suggestions? – The best suggestion is to check one’s code. Operator error… It is not erasing on upload.

  • I’ve had this on backorder for quite awhile. What’s the ETA? I really don’t want to have to order it from somewhere else…

  • The only way to get to china and remain sane: EVA air economy delux, and Ambien. :-}

  • Anyone had any luck connecting this to an Arduino? I’m using the 3.3V rail, and A0 as the input, and best case, yelling into it, I get maybe a 13-point offset from the nominal read of 300.
    Hooking the audio output up to a scope, I see almost nothing unless I tap it on the table top.

  • For the next hardware, it would be super helpful if you could put in a three pin header:
    1 - +3.3V
    2 - Vpullup
    3 - +5V
    That would avoid ungainly jumpering around on the target board, by allowing a single jumper to address 99% of the pull-up issues.

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