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  • Ok, my apologies. The flash programmer is actually working. What I didn't know is that the avr pocket doesn't appear under the tty / cu section files at all. You don't need to bother of it. From my makefile I just specified -P usb to avrdude in order to find the programmer, and it worked like a charm, and the flashing was actually fast. On Arduino, you don't need to specify any port. I tried both of them on Maverick.

  • Same problem here, I have tried connecting the avr pocket on my macBook pro, on my air and my Imac, all failed. The red stat 1 is lighting, but the tty. never appear on my list

  • Hi Everyone,

    The code posted on the tutorial didn't work for me, the analogue pin for the IR detector wasn't evaluated because sharpIR (A4) is always equal to the pin value register.

    I have changed the line

    while(sharpIR < tooClose){

    while(analogRead(sharpIR) < tooClose){

    and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks for the tutorial, it really helped me to understand that we can build small funny robot with few components.

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