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  • I see in the manual, that it says: “If your BED uses .11 ohm sense resistors (all v1.2 and above BEDs): The range of the pot produces maximum motor currents from around 0mA (fully clockwise) to 5A (fully counterclockwise). Now, the driver can’t supply 5A, so the full range of the pot won’t be used. A Vref of 1.76V will result in a motor current of 2A.” Question = Does that mean that if you turn the pot fully to the 5A position, that the driver can’t handle this (driver would burn out) or that is just won’t allow more than 2A (the driver would be fine, but there is no affect when turning the pot from the 2A position through the 5A position)? Thanks!

  • I just received my Big Easy Driver and am ready to experiment with it (I’m new to this stuff). Why are there duplicate pins on the board? For example, there are two sets of “GND” and “M+” pins; each with different spacing between pairs. Is one set spaced for headers and the other for an alternate connection? Thanks.

    EDIT: Never mind; found the answer. The Easy Driver Manual reads:

    “Hook Up: The BED has holes for both .100 headers as well as 3.5mm screw terminals. Either or both can be used to connect to the BED however you want. You can put female or male headers in the .100” holes or solder wires directly to the holes.”

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