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Hackers in Residence: The Sound Visualizer Pt. 2

May 7, 2015

An addition to a previous project, this time using a PC and a custom Java app to create your own music visualizer using a RGB LED matrix.

Hackers in Residence: The Sound Visualizer

March 23, 2015

A fun project that uses a Raspberry Pi and a custom Java app to create your own sound visualizer using a RGB LED matrix.
  • Good luck at your next gig, Shawn! I hope to see more electronics videos from you.

  • This is a really cool take on printing on fabric!

    My take was to print text https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2927026

    The Cura version I used is older, but the newer ones should also have the 'Pause at Height' plugin. That plugin pauses the print and moves the nozzle over at the specified height so you can place the tulle down. Then when you 'Resume', the nozzle moves back to where it left off in the print.

  • I like 'Clippy' as suggested below.

    But my vote is for naming the mascot 'Ally Gator Clipette'.

  • Yeah, I made my Enderman costume with rectangular LED panels and coin cell batteries.


    The purple is on point in this make, though. Nice project!

  • I bet it is Robert C too

  • End to end this is a great project for taking old technology and puting a new spin on it.

    I really like the built-in lighting. Keep up the good work!

  • Nice stupidity, man! (I never thought saying that would be a 'nice' thing.)

    I am interested in an unpopulated Pro Micro-ATX boards and a handful of “expansion cards” left over that you mentioned.

  • Doh! My mild dyslexia kicked in pretty hard here. I thought the title had 'fidget spinner' in it.

    Any who, nice project and go sport ball!

  • I wrote a desktop Java application that works with the DRV2605L to help preview the different vibration patterns mentioned in the datasheet. It can queue up to 7 patterns for sequential execution.

    It communicates with the Arduino over serial communication, so you need RXTX for Java to get going.

    Here are some links to the source code and executable, for those interested:



  • Congratulations on your new role, Feldi!