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  • I hang out in just as many electric guitar forums as I do electronics forums. But I must say I've never seen a discussion quite like that so far about the Stratocaster 5-way pickup selector switch ! :-)
    The Strat has 3 pickups. The 5-way switch, as conventionally wired, allows them to be selected alone (positions 1,3,5), or in pairs (positions 2 and 4).
    Most guitarists who tinker with the wiring of their guitars require a wiring diagram to make sense of this switch, along the lines of 'the red wire goes here, the blue wire goes here', etc. Few understand, or care, how the switch actually works. Unfortunately every pickup manuafacturer uses a different wiring colour code. So guitar forums are full of messages from people who wired up their guitar 'according to the diagram', but their guitar doesn't work !
    The switch comes in a number of different forms, of which the one sold here by Sparkfun is only one. See the 3-part series here, where it is described as 'Far East 5-way Switch ':
    I am sure Jimi Hendrix would have been pleased to know he was actually using a "Five Position Binary Grey Code Encoded Position Sensor".
    I have a customw-wired 5-way 'superswitch' on my Telecaster, which is another beast altogether .... a 4-pole, 5-throw lever switch ...

  • I would be nice if this had a 12 bit ADC instead of the 10 bit.

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