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  • Same holds true for the XBee (or I guess anything connected to the "integrated" radio port). Does anyone know if this is documented anywhere? I spent a long time lost because I didn't know this.

  • There is a voltage divider on the output battery voltage before the switch. I noticed this was a comment on the previous model as well, and I believe that means the board will always be drawing current (a bit over 1mA depending on battery level since the total resistance is only 2k!). I understand the desire to measure battery voltage, but I question putting this divider before the switch, since when the switch is off the MCU can't usefully measure the voltage. As for off-board measurement, I feel this might be better implemented with an unpopulated pad so the user can choose to add this measurement before the switch, not as the default state. Can anyone see a danger to removing these resistors/cutting the trace? That's what I plan to do to keep sleep-state current draw to a minimum.