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  • I had a similar problem, and believe I somehow got into Mass Storage mode. What I did to fix it was to power the board from the target (not Debugger) micro USB. It wouldn't work when powered from the debugger port. Then I pressed and held the target reset button for 5-10 seconds. When I released the button, and reconnected to the debugger port, the board connected as normal.

  • I've been enjoying working thru the examples on the Freesoc2 board. While trying to get the USB to i2c bridge working, I believe I found a schematic error. On the debug processor, the p12.0 and p12.1 (pin38 and 39) appear to be reversed. The result is that the target p6.0 needs to be to SCL, and p6.1 needs to be connected to SDA. When I made this change, I was able to get the USB to I2C bridge to work, and was able to access data on the target processor using the Cypress Bridge Control Panel

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