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Applications programmer, and EET student. If I can mod it I’m all over it.

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  • Tutorial - Beginning Embedded Electronics - 9 | about 6 months ago

    I am curious as this has never been answered. What is the value of L1 I have this board siting in front of me ready to go, but without knowing that value I can’t continue. (is the Farrite Bead) absolutely necessary? and if so looking at the datasheet for the FT232R they say this bead should work. http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Laird-Technologies/MI0805K400R-10/?qs=Hp4IEBVVqKKRJzYiDLfLSg==


  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about a year ago

    Damn had a similar design in the works in eagle (like your red board) except its a smaller footprint.

  • Product TOL-10707 | about a year ago

    Good little unit. If anyone is interested before buying this station Iv'e written a review on my site http://wp.me/p2s4nk-2v

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