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  • The BlueSMiRF modem (which I assume you're talking about) has logic and power level shifting built-in so it's compatible with anything from 3.3V to 6V (Arduino, single-cell li-po's, etc.). All this module does is break out most of the pins on the RN-41 with no frills, so if you're trying to get information from a sensors or ICs that aren't 3.3V, you've got to do some extra work.

    EDIT: Actually, I just noticed the plain breakout. I have no idea why that is so much more expensive, it looks like the exact same product in a different PCB layout.

  • I realize this was 4 years ago, and you're correct; but for anyone ordering this, you still need a jumper to bridge those holes together. I used 0 ohm resistors because the size was convenient... and what else am I gonna use them for?

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