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  • Nick... This is really cool! And I love that you fully flushed it out, unlike some of the weekly mock ups (which I understand are mockups) I am in the process of doing my first djembe reskining. (Thank you internetwebs for sharing the knowledge)(What a great time to be alive!!!). I know you set this up for stereo listening. and my first thought was to grab some Micky Hart drum CDs (Yes, I still listen to CDs) and go to town. But then I started thinking, what if you took the output from a multitrack... whatever from FL Studio, Logic, ProTools, and ran a unique track to each drum. You could construct your own midi based drum circle. Then as opposed to trying to run full range audio to each speaker, you run something that is more compatible to that speakers/drums sound. Then on the craft side, you could dampen, tune, or whatever, based on the needs. At this point, it's just a mono breakout board connected to each output of a USB IO (ex. M-Audio FireWire 410). It's one of those things I would dream about and probably never do (too many other projects already on the burner, and like you said, a cache of ideas already lined up), but the mental picture... or better said sound of what it could sound like...

  • Where the other FTDIs will not work for 4D, will the 4D work for our other FTDI needs?

  • I knew I wanted one the moment I watched that blasted video. Totally forgot about the notify. Done. Thanks.

  • Are you guys going to actually sell these things? Ever since they have been announced, then demo'd, they have been sold out. You are killing the idea of an impulse or obsession buy.

    I have gone through the "Oooooh I have the perfect project I could use that in right now... I want it. No... need it. Do I really need it?, Yes, because I can... No because it... But it... But then again, it... Yeah but... Okay, I need it. (clicks on SF page to buy) AND THEN...(wait for it...) sold out!!! Oh never mind" phase 3 or 4 times now.

  • DANG! You missed it! You totally missed it. You have a video department. You have a guy who is knowledgable in After Effects. You have a green screen. You totally missed it. I was waiting for the payoff and it never came. Man. I wanted to see that car go in reverse, then flash out of the screen. But... that's the visual effects guy in me... Pete your videos rock. Ignore my rant above, and keep em comin'.

    BTW, will the time cube be in kit form?

  • So theoretically this should work great with a couple of xBees, yes? I noticed the latency as you were moving the sliders and such. Have you tried higher baud rates and does that help reduce the latency?

    Also, I noticed the cuts when you were trying to use the LEDs. Was this 1. doe to it not working and 2. if it was not working was this due to programming problems or, screen problems? I know that this is resistive so it will be more like my old Palm pilot vs. Android yes. Better said, it would be better to make larger on screen doodads that I want to interact with, yes?

    Thanks for the video. I really want one of these. This may put the processing side of the picture out of the picture for some home automation and monitoring. Cool stuff.

  • Yeah, since no one has said it... Projects. And Yeah, the dobsonian idea would be great as it would probably also work for a solar idea I have been playing with. So... Projects man! This is good stuff. Hacking the mp3 was tremendously helpful. These types of examples free us to hack and explore far more easily. You are providing road maps for troubleshooting. Thanks

  • Thanks for the video. The thing I am struggling with is how to attach gears n such to the steppers. I am so interested in these things, but when it comes to linkage, the info becomes scarce and I am somewhat lost. Can you guys perhaps follow this up with some flavor of a making your stuff move stuff video?

  • Wow...
    After reading all these comments, I would have thought that my little red box would have shown up half burned an still smoking. But, today I got home to find a beautiful red box just sitting there waiting for me. It showed up just fine and I used UPS. My wife signed for it and all is well, and I gotta tell you, the stuff inside the box is massively exciting. I have been looking forward to my crimper all week.
    I have had more issues with business(not SF) being completely lame in order fulfillment rather than the carrier itself.

  • Also, can I use it with a solar panel when the moon is out? If so, what happens to the blue smoke on a blue moon? Is it extra blue? What happens if I inhale?

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