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  • Can I get the code for the MicroView Demo somewhere?

  • Red Borad not working on a MAC -running Mavericks? try this:


    Good luck

  • The LED Silkscreen on the board has the wrong polarity. The LED is prebent to correct way but, the silkscreen is showing the polarity reversed so I had my son look up the + leg of the LED and test it with a battery and bent it to correspond to the silk screen - Epic Fail! I now have to take it apart and fix it :(

  • Self Edit - Helps to select the right board from the tools menu or you take 2 seconds to move the internal time clock 1 second froward. Divide by 2 - Kicks self and moves on - Doh!

  • So maybe I need some help, for someone with a bigger brain or more experience with these. I’ve built a clock using both a Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v/16 MHz & Arduino Pro Mini 328 3.3v/8MHz. I’m using the “Time Library” on the 328 5v/16 it is very consistent, I loos about 10 seconds a day and can compensate for this in code or eventually at a RTC. I bought 328 3.3v/8 thinking less power needed, lower speed, more energy efficient. This will eventually be a watch. I just hooked up the 328 3.3v Within 15 minutes it has lost 7 minutes. I’m running the same code on both processors. What did I miss? Please help if you know what is going on.

  • Anyone know how to simulate a load to keep this on?

  • TY - Sorry to jump the gun. I signed up for everything I could find on their website yesterday. I just couldn’t see a way to use this up front. Thank you folks as SF fro all the neat stuff! :)

  • Thanks for getting that info - I will sleep better tonight. Seriously now I know I can get this things off the ground I have a project it’s perfect for ! The security chip was putting me off.

  • According to their site for an IMPee to work it requires a specific security chip to function with them. So you can not just use it in a SD socket without this specail chip.

  • This needs a “IMPee” to work with. Where are the rest of the parts needed to inteface with or make use of theses?

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