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  • What are you guys powering this with? I see that the specs say 3.6 to 4.5v, but recommends 4.0V. Some here have stated that it has 2A surges. Looking at the voltage regulators, DigiKey doesn't have anything like that, at least in the fixed regulators. Someone else mentioned supercaps in series to cover the surges. Is this what you're doing?

  • Update: no smoke.

  • Can I run this off of 24VDC? Looking at the LM317 voltage regulator specs and the schematic link above, I don't see any reason it can't do 24V. I suppose the extra voltage drop may result in extra dissipation in the VR, but I'm only pulling about 30ma max anyway. But I need to control a 24VCD solenoid with a circuit I'm tinkering on. Well, I guess I'll just try it out.

  • I had this in a little cardboard box in my luggage on a flight recently, and the power switch broke off. I suppose it could have been jostled too much but it wasn't with anything heavy in the box. I just soldered a wire across the switch traces so it is fixed to on. It is very handy to have for breadboarding.

  • The description states: "The output is terminated with a JST PH connector, so it plugs directly into the input on the EL Escudo or EL Sequencer board. You can drive EL wires with them directly, but you may need to re-terminate them." I'm not sure what this is saying. I need to re-terminate the EL wires if I drive them with those other boards, or if I drive them directly with the inverter? What is meant by re-terminate here? Thanks.

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