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  • Going from left to right we have, input, processing and output, the standard architecture of todays embedded microprocessors.

  • I just bought the Raspberry Pi, hooked it up, loaded Raspian from the NOOBS SD, rebooted and now I can’t login because the keyboard either sticks or repeats and it’s not the keyboard at fault. It’s the pi and they know the problem exists. It’s so bad I haven’t been able to login at all. Your selling a product with a KNOWN defect. Why???

  • The UNO R3 will get you through most of them. I have this book on my Kindle and I highly recommend it.

  • TIME OUT??? What’s timeout? Mikey, your kidding right? Common on man? Listen, when I sniff, there’s only three rules. If it’s a tree, pee on it, if it’s food, eat it, anything else, well, you know. It’s a dog’s life. And one other thing Mikey, you owe FiFi an apology, you scared the heck out of her!

  • Everybody here? Good, ok, listen up people! That means you too Leroy. Now, I’ve been here for over two weeks and everyday I mark this spot. You know us dogs, we need our spots. So we mark them. Everyday! But you people just don’t seem to care. You walk all over my spot. However, recent scuttlebutt indicates that when it comes to the nose, dogs rule. So, I’ve decide to use the sense of sight and mark my spot with this ladder. GOT IT???

  • Beam me up Mikey!

  • Oh, right, like that chair against the door is going to keep me in. See that wall. See this ladder. yuk yuk yuk…

  • But Mike, you said I had to start at the bottom and work my way up the ladder. Right? So I did. Now where’s my raise?

  • Ahhh Lucky? Hi, it’s Felix, from the WUL rescue team? WUL. Walk Under Ladder? We’re going to get you out of there. Just don’t move. Stay perfectly still. We have the perimeter cleared so we can survey the situation. So, plesae, stay perfectly still while we find a way out. Anyone got a mirror?

  • Excuse me? This is my new dog house? MIIIIIIIKE!!!!!

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