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  • Worked like a champ for me. Also had the Battery Shield, big-boy LiPo, nice size Solar Panel, and of course the weather gizmos'. The Photon sends the data to the cloud and my local html reads the data and populates some really cool controls and indicators. Extremely fun project. I call it MANFRED for …









  • WOW, SparkFun getting political, how disappointing. And here I thought this was one site I could come to and get away from all those crybabies who don’t give a rats ass who’s coming into this nation to try and kill us. And your comment about the “right” to disrespect the law is just plane asinine. Never thought I’d have to tell you of all people to “Grow up” but hey, you want to look like complete idiots I suppose it’s your prerogative.

    Goodbye SparkFun.

    AdaFruit, Element14, look out because I’m coming at you with all my future orders. Damn you SparkFun.

    NorthernPike has left the building…. .><>..

  • Sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend the event in Chicago. Would have been great to meet some of you people. I understand the retail decision. But remember, it is a growing market and who knows, someday it may very well be worth it. If I ever am in your neck of the woods I will certainly stop by. Problems is, you may not be able to get me to leave. :))

  • Hello,

    I just found out that there is going to be a Maker Faire in Chicago on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd. Is SparkFun going to be there?

    One other thing. I know you guys used to have products for store shelves but did you ever contemplate the idea of opening a SparkFun specific store? Maybe call it SparkGap so your products are available over the counter. It could also have a small Makerspace inside for people to Make. Just a thought. Had two Radio Shacks close down recently so electronic parts are no longer 5 minutes away.

    Take care, NorthernPike.. ><>..

  • Hello Glenn S, Pretty cool thread eh? Just a quick FYI for ya.


    Didn’t mean anything by my tinker toy remark. Heck, from them I moved on to Lincoln Logs then Erector sets then lawn mowers and snowmobiles and on and on…. I was always raising my level of tinkering. But as far as “hacking”, the link above spells it out pretty well. And I have been using the term “cracking” for quite some time. I was sort of surprised and glad to see it mentioned. Take care….

  • It’s for prototyping. It makes perfect sense. Besides, if the product takes off, as I suspect it will, an IC version could be offered for us who like to teach 6, 7 and 8 year olds that they can do what an Electrical Engineer with a 4 year degree from a prominent university can do. Yet, in that process, mistakes are made, things are forgotten, code is wrong, jumpers short out as well as many other accidents that can damage the poor little micro. Shit happens. We’re only human. Unless your member /#432989, then your perfect and nothing wrong happens. Must be nice. :))

  • Well, convinced me. Very cool idea. Waiting for its arrival.

    However, I do have to agree with Mr. thegrendel about the SMD. What can I say, some of us take chances. So what if it adds a couple 2 or 3 mm to its height.

  • Mr. #761829, your a sight for sore ears. :))

    I commend you on your achievements. Combo mill/lathe eh? Now that’s cool. But one thing I want to say. Nobody is born with any knowledge of anything. Please, don’t confuse ignorance with experience. If you’ve never had the chance, how can you be expected to know. Also, I believe your mentor appreciates the ability to educate others which only you can provide. Why teach somebody something they already know or don’t want to know. Make’s no sense. He’s giving you experience with something you like to do. You are one lucky person.

    Make a great project, NorthernPike …><>

  • Hello Mr. NPoole, I’m honored by your reply. The videos you have are great. In fact, I look forward to all of Sparkfun’s clips. My initial comment up above that started all this was prompted by my love for SparkFun besides it’s content. I simply wanted to give you guys a Hip Hip Hooray, but that seems to have gotten lost amongst the topic of education.

    Yes, your right, I came to Chicago two weeks out of High School to go to DeVry Institute. I’m a Yooper and had Gichi-Gami in my backyard and Hiawatha in my front yard. In those days your parents would give you a brand new Samsonite suitcase for a graduation gift. You were just expected to move on. So I did. At 17 years old, to Chicago, on my own.

    Graduated DeVry and immediately went to work at a Bell Lab and learned Micros. I remember paying $56.52 every month for five years to pay off my school loan but I did. You see, I knew that once you get your foot in the door of a high tech company, your opportunities back then were endless.

    Today, with your modules, I can hook things up and they work. No interface circuit design, no driver coding, no Interrupt Service Routine’s to hack at. Everything just works as it should. It’s so cool. However, think about it. I need my meters, tools, drill press, table saw, 3D printer, computer, parts, wire, irons and other things to build a project not to mention money. What I’m saying is that a classroom just doesn’t cut it. Projects take time and effort. I thought maybe one way to teach is to be like a piano teacher but instead of coming to my place to learn piano, you learn electronics. But if I get paid, will Illinois politicians come after me for not being certified? I don’t know and I simply won’t take the chance.

    I did a lot of Cub Scout badge learning by having show and tell when my two boys were in scouting. But now they’re a Mechanical Engineer and an Aerospace Engineer. They understand my need to feed information since they were the recipient of so much of it themselves.

    Also, a Makerspace is a “way cool” thing to do and the closest to me is the fabulous Pumping Station One. But they are too far away. I looked at how to start one and the effort is tremendous. But then my one son said his library has a makerspace. My research show’s more and more libraries are creating spaces for makers and thought I might try that avenue. That’s where I’m wondering if you may be able to help me buy first suggesting ways to approach the necessary people. How to convince them to go along. I was always able to impress the boss with technology that worked and never had to baffle him with bullshit. If you know what I mean. In any case. Any advice would be helpful I’m sure.

    Take care Mr. NPoole and /#134773, /#761829. I greatly appreciate your remarks.

    NorthernPike …><>

  • Nice remarks Mr. Member. It’s like one teacher said, “All children are naturally born scientists constantly exploring the world around them. It’s when they get to be 9, 10,11 years old that we loose them and their scientific curiosity to other facets of our socialistic culture like gangs and/or drugs and/or games and/or TV.

    If I could find one kid who wants to know about electronics, I’d tell him anything he wants to know as well as show him and get his hands on it, in it, through it, over it and watch him thrive with successes. A very wise man once told me long ago that “Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”. And he was right.

    I came back to my boss two days later and told him what I needed to have, what I needed to know and how much I needed to spend to do the job I thought I couldn’t do. He gave me the $25,000 and 3 months. I did it in 2 months. Worked great. I impressed myself and THAT’S what our children need to be able to do.

    Good to know others feel like I do. Take care, NorthernPike ….><>

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