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  • I have been playing around with it using python on a raspberry pi, it took a while to get working. A few things that stumped me, although I don't know how relevant they are using the arduino:

    First, make sure you're putting the chip into 2-wire communication mode (I assume). For me, once that is done and I activate the external oscillator (XOSCEN), there is a small crackling sound from the unit, try listening for it first. Also, I've had some problems with the headphones when they're not getting a proper connection, so wiggling them around a bit in the connector might help. If you turn off both the DMUTE and DSMUTE and with VOLUME set to 1 or higher (I find about 9-10 is maximum comfortable volume for me) you should be getting radio static in the headphones regardless of whether you're tuned to a station or not.

    Lastly, the i2c read/write operations didn't work as expected, rather than choose the register, the first byte was written to register 0x02, so if the same thing occurs with the arduino, you might unwittingly mute the radio by reading the registers.

  • Just got one of these a couple of days ago, have been having some fun with it. Reception in my area using the headphone cord as antenna is rather poor though, and unfortunately it seems there is no obvious way to hook it up to an external antenna.

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