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  • Ok, got it working……If anyone is interested:

    First of all, I’m using a mac… so no VB, im using text wrangler and the python script from BORISMUS posted above, once i have the id is going to be in hex, go to google and using a hex to decimal converter, convert your hex into decimal.

    Note: when you copy your hex into the converter is going to paste with spaces between the characters, remove them or youll get a different decimal i.e. CC 30 1f 30 change to CC301F30

    1. Once you got that, use the Nike_quickstart.pde from Deadly Damon, edit the part were it says//drive the pin

    if (fob_id == 1521890351) { //this is my ID, get your own! timeCheck = millis(); fob_id = 0; digitalWrite(drivenPin, HIGH); }
    if ((millis() - timeCheck) > 5000) { // keep things lit constantly and for 5 seconds afterwards digitalWrite(drivenPin, LOW); }

    Replace the 1521890351 with your unique id you got from the hex converter.


    1.I did not have to desolder the jumper as per Deadly Damon sugestion.. 2.Because the BOARD IM USING DUEMILANOVE uses the ftdi chip, i cant use the pins 0,1 for serial comunications while conected to usb.

    read the pde carefully and youll understand…

    Hope it helps, Enjoy.

  • I can connect to the board via usb, bu cannot get it to comunicate with the arduino atmega 328, im using the Ifob.pde and got tx-tx, rx-rx, 3.3v and ground, what am i missing,?

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