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  • Great device, great library!

    Succeeded in running the ledDriver example (IDE v1.0.6) right from start (don’t forget to set SX1509_ADDRESS accordingly).

    Attention: by all means keep in mind, that the device is running independently, i.e. it keeps doing what it’s told to even when your program crashes. That might be desirable on some occasions, but if, for example, you are controlling a motor via this device, it will continue running without control by your program. Imagine! So take appropriate precautions. At least connect the reset pin of the SX to the reset pin of your arduino. I stumbled over this effect wondering, why the LEDs kept blinking while uploading a new sketch.

    I agree to the thoughts of member #322759 regarding the layout.

  • It would be great to have the same procedure for firmware update like on mp3-trigger. Thus, there would be no need for a FTDI interface for “normal” use. Another question: if the internal power amp is enabled, are both channels (left and right) automatically mixed to have a mono signal on the speaker? If not, it would be very useful to have a mono option in the global settings, because otherwise only the left channel can be heard.

  • Ever experienced getting a flimsy sound in FM mode (and only in a certain position of the plug in the phone jack - easily leading to blaming the jack) and no sound at all in AM mode? OK, here you go: Since there are no output capacitors for R&L outputs provided on board and if the amplifier used has no input capacitors, as I experienced with my boom box, the DC offset on the outputs of the Si4735 is responsible for the effect described above. A capacitor of some 10ยต each between Si4735 and amplifier will solve this issue. This hint may be of some use for the breakout board as well.

  • Many thanks for your library! It worked right from start like a charm. Using the receiver shield with OLIMEXINO-328 switched to 3.3V Cut pins 2 & 10 of the converter and connected pads 1->2 and 9->10.

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