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  • Product WIG-12000 | about 2 months ago

    It would be great to have the same procedure for firmware update like on mp3-trigger. Thus, there would be no need for a FTDI interface for “normal” use. Another question: if the internal power amp is enabled, are both channels (left and right) automatically mixed to have a mono signal on the speaker? If not, it would be very useful to have a mono option in the global settings, because otherwise only the left channel can be heard.

  • Product DEV-10342 | about a year ago

    Ever experienced getting a flimsy sound in FM mode (and only in a certain position of the plug in the phone jack - easily leading to blaming the jack) and no sound at all in AM mode? OK, here you go: Since there are no output capacitors for R&L outputs provided on board and if the amplifier used has no input capacitors, as I experienced with my boom box, the DC offset on the outputs of the Si4735 is responsible for the effect described above. A capacitor of some 10ยต each between Si4735 and amplifier will solve this issue. This hint may be of some use for the breakout board as well.

  • Product DEV-10342 | about a year ago

    Many thanks for your library! It worked right from start like a charm. Using the receiver shield with OLIMEXINO-328 switched to 3.3V Cut pins 2 & 10 of the converter and connected pads 1->2 and 9->10.

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