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  • Yes, the CIT was an older version.

  • I had the same problem. I tried two versions of XCTU (5.x and 6.x) on two different computers. Also, same problem with two different XB24-Z7PIT-004 xbees. In the recent past I’ve used XCTU successfully on several other xbees. On about the 20th try it worked – I don’t know why.

  • After a large amount of trial and error, I managed to get things to work by forcing IRremote to use timer 3 and PWM pin 5.

  • I’m trying to get the IRremote library (see http://www.righto.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html ) running on the 5V/16MHz Pro Micro. The IRremote code has a lot of #if … #elif … #elif … #elif … preprocessor directives for various boards, but this board is not one of the choices. Is the Pro Micro equivalent to, say, one of the Teensy boards so far as timers and interrupts are concerned?