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  • Wrong footprint for the ATTiny85? :)

    (been there, done that… a couple times… oops!)

  • Aren't the breadboard-spaced pins 0.1", not 1mm? :)

  • The difference between business necessity and business tradition is an important one - too many companies start out as good places to work and adopt restrictive / punitive policies less because they lead to success and more because "that's what successful company x is doing". Glad to see you guys are keeping that in mind!

  • Connector holes are 0.1" spacing

  • I was under the impression that most protection circuits are at the very least overcurrent (via a shunt), and some were over / undervoltage protected as well. I know some batteries have a thermal sensor as well (but not all of them), but I didn't think that was used for protection purposes.

    Then again, I don't do much with LiPo cells, so I'm not 100% sure.

  • Discharging below that threshold shouldn't be a problem on LiPo cells with a protection circuit, right?

  • I have used this fine product for:
    -Removing TQFP and SOIC ICs. Takes a while, but the board still seems to work afterwards, so aces there.
    -Removing the broken glass digitizer of an iPhone from its plastic frame, for replacement. Gets hot, but nicer than using a hair dryer.
    -Heat shrinking heat shrink tubing.
    -Flattening a gas station gift card that had been bent due to sun-based heat.
    Works mighty fine, if you ask me.

  • Love the shirt, sir. I think that alone makes this a next level New Product Post.

  • I am happy to report that the versions of this board I just received have holes for alignment pegs, and the sensors pop in without modification.
    The lack of mounting holes is a serious problem, though.

  • It was awesome to meet Nate and some of the other Sparkfunions at Maker Faire NYC this weekend - good to finally put some faces to the awesomeness. Enjoy the party!

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