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  • oy, my 12v inverter has a built in “blink” mode,,,and it was on,,that was it…….

  • This might sound simple but it’s melting my brain. (newbee) How would i tell the EL Sequencer to turn on, and not blink. I’m sending “ digitalWrite(A, HIGH);” the EL wire on A is lighting up, then going into a blink cycle. I’m trying to turn it on, then off via Serial port.

    I do not have any digitalWrite(A, lOW);

  • Would it hurt the EL Sequencer if I put a relay (Phidget 1014) between the power transformer and the inverter before it goes into the El-Seq?? Id like to turn the sequence on and off remotely.

  • Still on the hunt for the correct AHK script to run the El Sequencer, I’ve received the EL Seq, and a BOB, (BOB-00718) and have them happily connected. THere is someone trying to help me on another site, seems to know quite a bit about arduinos and has one running via AHK. but the EL SEQ seems to be a bit more finicky,,,,, if anyone could help I’m sure there would be many folks who would very grateful….

  • I’ve found these on this: http://awtfy.com/2011/05/23/a-minimal-arduino-library-for-processing-serial-commands/ and http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/64696-some-code-arduinoahk-beta-01/

    Now to figure it all out…..

  • Anybody know (or can point me in the right direction) how to control the EL Sequencer via “Autohotkey” (www.autohotkey.com) I’m a newbie, not sure if you can or not but it would fit my situation perfectly. thank you.

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