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  • Did someone say.....Pi?

  • Headers in the bag but not soldered for me. If you don't want to include them, maybe your web team can include a link to the proper headers needed when new items are listed? That way the people who don't have a stash of headers at home (and really, for the price who doesn't?) are reminded to add them to their order. Also maybe a picture showing different applications of headers like you did with the Sparkfun Thing board...a combo of straight and right angles would be helpful. I didn't think of that and I pay the price when it's in a breadboard :-(

  • I'd really like to see Sparkfun carry this. I don't care much for buying off Amazon.

  • Cost is less of a concern for me than size. I do have a few Arduino Pro boards as well, but I'd like to plug my Pro Mini into the adapter, do my prototyping with full size shields, and then pull the Mini for insertion into my project. I'd love to see your Protoshield project though.

  • Correct. I only buy Pro Minis now so it would be great if Sparkfun made an adapter that allowed me to use the full size shields easily. I was going to make my own as an Eagle learning project, but I can wait for Sparkfun's version. Next Friday?

  • I've wanted this for the Pro Minis for a long time.

  • The link for tickets is broken.

  • I would be interested in the trackball, if it wasn't for the fact that my Blackberry didn't last very long. Is this one improved in some way?

  • I really like my Redboards, and thanks to the last 2 Arduino Days at Sparkfun, I have more than enough Pro-Minis to last me until all this gets sorted out. I do plan to check out the Wiring IDE in the next few days.

  • I'm not crazy about the 2X header either. If Sparkfun does roll their own some day, PLEASE rethink the header and use a single row. It would be nice if it could interface directly with a pro-mini too.

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