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  • I too agree with "north' of skepty" and the replies others have written. This is an excellent workstation and the price makes it an amazing value. This unit would still be a great value at double the price. My only disappointment with this purchase. my "buyer's remorse" moment, was having to pay $2.00 more for the privilege of driving to the east side of town to pick it myself. Boulder already has a very high tax rate, 8.21% or about 5% higher by comparison to neighboring cities, and this additional "pickup TAX" was simply unjustified. Essentially I paid $2.00 to have someone walk the package from the back of the building to the front. Yeah maybe I harp too much about this $2.00 fee but assessing the web site and the location one can assume this company has streamlined, automated or outsourced nearly every aspect of the business. Those three things should help cut costs, increase profits and save the consumers money by keeping prices low. This added fee is the only thing that keeps me from saying "WOW! I'm impressed." I will recommend this company to my friends and business associates locally with this one caveat delivered with a disappointing inflection.

    As for the 5 points made by "north' of skepty", I agree with point #1 completely. A little bit of electrical tape easily and sufficiently corrects this one minor issue.

    Point #2 was the reason I bought this model, the fine point tip is a delight for me.

    Point #3 is correct in description but this holder is different than most. Generally I see holders that look like a spring and are cone shaped round to accommodate the tool. This holder has an opening at the top allowing for easy removal. More importantly for me it allows for easy replacement to the holder by feel instead of aiming. I very much appreciate this holder for that reason alone.

    Point #4 is probably why "north' of skepty" called his own review really critical. I find the grip to be very nice. it is plastic with a slight textured feel, but there is nothing cheap feeling about any part in this product. By comparison to other soldering irons which can get hot in the grip area after prolong use, this grip could very well be perceived as a luxury add on. I for one impressed by this grip.

    Point #5 I completely disagree with as well. This connector was one of the first things I inspected as a result of the reviewers comments. thinking I might want to do something proactive such as use some Loctite or otherwise to secure. Quite frankly I find this part of the unit more than satisfactory and of moderate to high quality. It threads easily and I appreciate the round textured feel of the steel versus the hex nut generally found in use with this type of connection. Kudos to the engineer who considered this small and otherwise insignificant detail and modified it for the end users pleasure.

    Thanks for reading. As both reviewers have stated...don't hesitate to buy this item, even if its overkill for your application, this is the type of tool you'll want to keep and pass down. 1950's quality for the 21st Century. This company is making them like they use too. Quality you can count on and craftsmanship rarely seen anymore.

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