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  • I am using the PCF8575 breakoutboard to connect 4 mpr121 boards. Without the PCF8575, the mpr121 code worked perfect. ( However, I am having trouble to alter my arduino code to read the data when connected to the PCF8575. I guess the problem lies in the part of the code where the pins are adressed. In the original code I used Wire.requestFrom(0x5A,2); However with the PCF8575 board I need to alter the addressing within the code. I had a look at the sample AVR code, but this is rather complicated. Can anyone help me with the adressing of the pins?

  • I have multiple MPR121 boards which I want to connect to a PCF8575 I2C Expander, then to an arduino. However, I don't know how to connect them. Can anyone help?

  • Have you already tried this? I want to connect multiple mpr121 boards to the PCF8575 I2C Expander, but have no idea how to connect these. Anyone?

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