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  • I am getting the same serial output on powerup and no serial transmissions. On both UM96, I have pins 1&5 grounded, pins 2&9 at +5v, pins 3&4 not connected, pin 6 goes to my 5v PIC serout, pin 7 goes to my 5v PIC serin, and Sleep pin 8 is grounded. Jumpers A,B,C are open, D connected for RS232, and E connected for 8N1 no parity. When I power up my receiving UM96, it outputs “uM96v2.31AXM” characters at 9600bps. But when I try to send 9600bps text records via RF, nothing happens. I notice that both unit draw about 28ma when powered, but I do not see any increase in power draw when the transmitter should be sending. Any suggestions?

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