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  • I am talking about real people. Regular people. Like you and me.

    I have nothing to do with anything going on in Washington D.C. Neither do you (I presume). Just regular folks.

    But some of us regular folks have lately felt the deep-seated compulsion to shame, pressure, and coerce everyone into believing like them. ( See http://blog.dilbert.com/post/156778990841/berkeley-and-hitler ). I don't. I could argue for your point of view just as well as for another. Or another (there aren't just two POVs). Hopefully you do not feel this ugly compulsion either. Hopefully you are perfectly happy to have me around, whatever I may believe.

    You are, right?


    BTW, NPoole as good as told you that I'm correct, earlier in the comments. Came as close as he could without actually saying it. SparkFun had to issue this statement. Had to. Look at what the thugs are doing to Travis and Uber. The bullies are strong, and they know what they want. Conformity.

    So there's my Public Service to you, SparkFun. That's as good a spin as you're gonna get. That may calm down some of the anger and stop (or slow) the customer bleeding. Maybe. Basically: don't hate SparkFun, it's not their fault. Hate the toxic, bullying environment they have to deal with in order to avoid crazed boycotts and survive.

  • So courageous it is to voice an opinion that is unanimous among the tech elite and, actually, required? Yes, required. Witness the extreme bullying and hate directed towards those members of the tech industry with views varying even slightly from the enforced unanimity of the gestapo -- whoops, I mean "community": Travis Kalanick, creator of Uber, and Elon Musk, maker extraordinaire who has contributed to and built PayPal, Tesla, Solar City, and SpaceX. These great, creative men are being crucified by the leftist bully squad for insufficiently toeing the line.

    If SparkFun had failed to put up an official statement toeing your line, would there be outrage at them? Would you be throwing rocking in their windows and lighting fires outside their office? Maybe. Quite possibly. Such violence is happening all over, even at places that used to pride themselves on free speech.

    The left are bullies. Right now, they are. Through and through. Bullies. So, is it courageous to toe their line so that you don't become their next target? Prudent, maybe. But is it courageous? Or something else?

  • Except America is NOT a right-wing country. Never has been, never will be. It is a balacing act between both wings.

    Your "except that" is a tell for cognitive dissonance. Since I did not say "America is a right wing country," and also no one else here did, and also no one you have ever met or read in your entire life has said that.... obviously your declaration does not actually serve as a contradictory "except that" to anyone's opinions, anywhere.

    Saying that not being leftist keeps “America America” is disgusting and disrespectful.

    Oh, my meaning was clear (and was not that). My statement was clear. And simple. Nowhere did I say "not being leftist keeps America America." (huh?)

    Rather, I hold that, for instance, letting in one billion people from other nations will fundamentally change "America" into "non-America" -- more-so the more different the origin nations are.

    The people are the country. If all the Sudanese in the world move to Maine, what do you get? Sudan with snow!

    I hope that makes more sense to you and I am sure you will be very, very respectful and ** tolerant ** of my personal views and orientation, as people like you always are. Right? Thank you!

    ((Just keep bullying... just keep bullying!))

  • Thank you for your condescension.

    I am the world's leading authority on my emotional state, and so let me reassure you that actually I am not "scared." I am certainly not scared of terrorists. I am not experiencing any fear whatsoever.

    I also am not closing the borders. I am not doing anything. I simply hold an opinion. That's all! An opinion for which you want me to feel very uncomfortable, unwelcome, and guilty. Because everyone who doesn't agree with you is a COWARD! Eh?

    Thank you, oh Courageous One. :)

  • To be seen as a philanthropist used to require effort. An expending of resources. Actually giving something up, your own hard-earned money, sweat, and tears.

    Now all it takes is to hold the right opinion. Just have the correct opinion ("Let's have open borders!") and you qualify as a generous and magnanimous soul. And then other people -- the people who lose their jobs, who lose their neighborhoods, who occasionally get shot in the face at office Christmas parties, and whose children are murdered -- they pay the costs for your enlightened virtuousness.

    Things are so much easier nowadays. So much easier to be a humanitarian. Thank goodness for progress. :)

    Oh, and courage. Courage! To have "real courage of conviction" used to involve things like facing certain death as one stormed a beach or charged into a wall of bayonets to fight evil. Today, all that's required is making a self-righteous, back-patting blog post. Again: how far we've come! The Democratization of Courage! We can all be courageous now! Yey!

  • Me: "Are you really so sure your political views are so much more virtuous and perfect than those of the people in Middle America who have to pay the consequences for your views?"

    NPoole, apparent Sparkfun employee: "I can tell you that I personally have fully explored (perhaps to extents I regret) the political and social spectrum. My family is from coal-mining country in WVa, I grew up in southern VA, I wasn’t born in the 'Boulder-Bubble,' and while defending SparkFun’s view on this recent decision, I do so with the full weight of experience and reflection.

    'Bilbo Baggins! Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks!'"

    Interpretation: You have been all around, seen it all, considered it all, read and explored everything, and have an incredibly, wonderfully well-informed opinion. The best opinion. Yes, your opinion is more holy and perfect than those of us so foolish as to disagree.

    Great! I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we are all happy for you and your profoundly weighty wizardly experiences and reflections.

    Me: "I do find it baffling that you would choose to use your company to make this particular political declaration."

    NPoole: "We also believe it’s your right to know our stance and that you may disagree with it."

    My right? What are you talking about? How is it my "right"? How is it any of my business whatsoever? It isn't! It's none of my business what your private personal opinions may be on any political, eschatological, theoretical, pharmaceutical, or paleontological "issues" of the day. Everybody has opinions, and that's great.


    Look, Glenn and Nate, I understand and sympathize with your desire to occasionally "stand up" for what you believe in. I guess what it comes down to is whether one agrees with the position that's being advertised. If one agrees, then it's terrific! You agree with me on something! And so I like you more! You're "courageous" and virtuous! If one disagrees, then the advertisement is seen in a more negative light. Grandstanding. Narcissistic. Obtrusive. Obnoxious. Exclusionary. Ideological.

    Remember the last time you made an Important Manifesto, in solidarity with Clock Boy? How did that turn out? You been following that story? Bit embarrassing, eh! Bet you wish you'd kept your mouths shut on that one! :D

    Anyway, be assured it's not "0.1%" of your customers who feel like me. 50% of your fellow Americans voted for Trump, who is now the President of our country. At least 67% of Americans support the recent extreme vetting measures according to survey, and probably closer to 75% or even 80-90% support even stronger, even tighter restrictions on immigration than what President Trump has done so far. Much tighter. We are good people and good customers. We just aren't leftists. We want to keep America America. Is that OK with you?

    Sadly, it seems as though it is not. It seems as if you are instead "down with" crazed partisans who violently hate and despise this 50% / 67% / 80% of Americans. It seems as if the point of airing your dirty laundry like this is to, quote, "[let us] know [y]our stance and that [we] may disagree with it," so that, implied: if you disagree with it you can get out and take your unacceptable, deplorable views with you, you horrible, deplorable Drumpf-supporting, human-rights-hating Nazi. We "diametrically and unapologetically" hate you and don't want your business.

    That is a bullying message. Is that the message you want to send? Is that what you meant to convey? Because that is what you conveyed.

  • I appreciate that everyone has personal views on things. That's great. I do find it baffling that you would choose to use your company to make this particular political declaration. It does not seem to have any direct bearing on your business. Are you really so sure that all your customers tend so overwhelmingly leftist that none will be alienated by this statement? It will just be high-fives and "amen comrade"s all around?

    I think you are wrong about that. At least, it doesn't apply to me. My own views on this, and many other subjects, are highly complex and I shan't burden you by explaining them. Perhaps I even agree with you. My views are my own. No one here would be interested in hearing them. But I do wonder why you think all your customers are interested in hearing yours. Just jumping on the bandwagon of denunciation, I suppose. All the other "tech" companies did it, so you have to, too. Very trendy.

    You know, no one ever asked the American people if they wanted one million new immigrants imported in per year, every year, year after year. And that's legally, in addition to an officially-winked-at additional stream of millions more extra-legally.

    They would have said no.

    No one asked the American people if they thought the vast majority of these new imports should be peasants from third-world countries.

    They would have, actually, answered no! Amazing but true.

    I'm not saying I completely agree with them. I don't. But I am at least sympathetic. I can at least see their point of view.

    Your customers are American people, you know. Other people around the world too, I'm sure. But at least a few of them are Americans. A good percentage of them would be very happy to see a pause put on all immigration, across the board, of that I can guarantee you. Do you really want to alienate them? Are you really so sure your political views are so much more virtuous and perfect than those of the people in Middle America who have to pay the consequences for your views?

    Self-reflection. Humility. Open-ness (now there's a SparkFun buzzword!) to a diversity of views. These are far more attractive than self-righteousness, posturing, and virtue-signalling.

    At least to me.

    I have every intention of remaining a customer, of course, because you're a good company that provides a good product. All the best!

  • Well, I just got it working, also on Win7 64bit. You have to install the correct driver, and then put stuff in the "Arduino/hardware" directory. Just follow the instructions in the Getting Started Tutorial above.

    Do you have SparkFun Pro Micro 5V/16Mhz as an option in your boards menu, and is it selected?

  • Aha! Never mind, I solved it. Solution? After uploading the new sketch, you always have to unplug the USB cable, then plug it back in. Then it will run the Serial code in the Setup part of the sketch, that's supposed to print when you open the Serial Monitor. Otherwise, it never will.

    And also, you do need the Leonardo "wait around until I open Serial Monitor" code I posted above, or it can be simplified further as:

    while (!Serial) ;

    Good luck to anyone else pulling their hair out over Serial Silence! I am now very happy with this purchase.

  • I just bought one, and can't get Serial communication working. I have added this:

    while (!Serial) { ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only }

    on the theory that it's like Leonardo, but it didn't fix it. None of the example sketches for Serial work. How can I fix this?

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