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  • Thank you so much for the support of FIRST! As a member of FRC team, Team 5052: the RoboLobos, and someone who learned so much about electronics through Sparkfun’s website, it’s really cool to see this partnership

  • Oh, I see now. I just saw the holes and assumed. Makes sense, we’ve recently had some issues with c-channel on our own robot….

  • I had the exact same thought! The CIMs and the use of lots of c-channel gave it away

  • Are the rx/tx lines 5V tolerant? I want to know if it is possible to program this with a 5V FTDI board, without needing to get an additional 3.3V FTDI just for this board.

  • Do standard shrouded banana connectors fit this meter? I have an older set of probes with shrouded connectors from my old meter that do not fit this one. It may just be because the old probes are bad, but I don’t want to buy any new probes if they’re not going to fit. Thanks in advance!

  • I definitely agree, I would rather just have the entire article on the page. Since there is really only one article being shown at a time it doesn’t make much sense, unless you really want people to see the list of past articles…

  • It is odd and annoying that only some of the digital IO pins (6-13) are broken out when none of the other analog and power pins are. It makes using the prototyping area difficult since you have to solder a jumper wire for power and ground rails from where you soldered the headers that plug into the Arduino, or from a leg of one of the SMD components. It seems like it would be an easy fix to have a secondary PTH point for the rest of the Arduino pins…

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