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  • who to change gyro range mpu-6050 ? I think now it is set to 200 Deg/sec and I want to change it to 500 Deg/Sec. I found this in mpu6050.cpp file :

    void MPU6050::initialize() { setClockSource(MPU6050_CLOCK_PLL_XGYRO); setFullScaleGyroRange(MPU6050_GYRO_FS_250); setFullScaleAccelRange(MPU6050_ACCEL_FS_2); setSleepEnabled(false); // thanks to Jack Elston for pointing this one out!

    and I changed "setFullScaleGyroRange(MPU6050_GYRO_FS_250);" to "setFullScaleGyroRange(MPU6050_GYRO_FS_500);" and upload my arduino file again, but it seams that nothing has changed.

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