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  • Would be nice if there wasn't a limit of 1 per customer you know, you need a pair of these to be able to use either of them, so a limit of one is just mind blowingly stupid...

    Hey Sparkfun! Can you raise the limit per customer to a minimum of 2, preferably a bit higher? I do have a good use for these, but i need multiples to be able to use them. (need to run I2C over tens of meters of cable to control various "nodes" in a watering system and the cable runs are quite long). Probably going to need 6-10 possibly even more of them in the end, provided the first 2 work as advertised. Why so many? Master Controller Node, 5 Slave nodes each controlling a bank of solenoids, and on top of that, need to control some LED path lighting that uses the same Power and Control cabling.

  • Taylor Iversen has forwarded my email to Techsupport for me already, but refund might be the way to go for now seeing as shipping costs to get the two boards replaced + the effort and time involved in waiting wont be worth it for a while......

  • Not happy, One board arrived totally dead and the other one only worked for a few hours with a small picaxe before going to, it seems the Boost converter has died internally and shorted, one got very hot as it died, load is under 10ma... except for a split second on powerup where a small cap on the power rail is charged for the purpose of power smoothing: 470uf. Power is controlled with one of the Polu Pushbutton electronic power switches which is fine....

    Picaxe by itself uses 5ma and the LED uses 4ma.

    im sure the IC has internally gone on the one that did work, when i plug a battery in i might get a quick blip of voltage if im lucky then the battery protection circuit on the cell itself trips basically right away, and on USB which measured at 5.03V the IC gets very toasty, as in instant burn to finger. had a look at the traces and components with a USB microscope and found absolutly nothing. Eitherway thats $60 down the drain and im Pi$$ed!

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