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  • Want to Apologize to all for "My-Assumption" that the Memory stick loaded with the Pi-Top OS was not for my Raspberry Pi. I was Frantically trying to download the 1.6G Pi-Top package when I REALLY actually had it on the memory Stick... Duuuh!
    Anyway, This Pi-Top package is simply Awesome and worth Every-Cent!!! I'm hoping that there are updates as I have NOT activated Wi-Fi or even an SUDO Update yet.

    There are long delay's where the screen seems locked up while running on my Raspberry Pi 3. Hoping this could be resolved with Pi-Top package patches or even other OS's that support the Pi-Top.

    Again Thank You! and sorry for my misunderstanding...

    Regards Vince

  • OK... No response from ANYONE.. Day #3 and 6 downloads of 1.6Gb and STILL-NO-GO!... I'm REALLY trying... Pray my SparkFun can help me............. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello, As of 11-1-16 this evening I'm having troubles with the Pi-Top CEED OS. I've downloaded the 1.6Gb package TWICE and both times the ZIP file comes up with errors showing that the image is Corrupted. I tried opening the file ONLY using the "Etcher" program to Image the SD card (and I'm using a 16Gb Sandisk type mSD.) and the Etcher program gives a Corruption error also... I've tried EVERYTHING! to test my brand new CEED and play with it excitedly but have failed at every try..... haha! <Yep, back to dealing with that Vince-Guy.... LOLOL!>

  • Could someone help me find where to order a Micro-HDMI to HDMI Adapter? Or are we only using USB to PC to access the BBB? Trying to get my BBB to not Lockup on Bootup with the 7" Cape. TIA for ANY help. Vince

  • Exactly... Speed-mashing like a Video-Game was always very successful-4-me.. LOL! It was as-though the Serial command was going through RF and only making it through noise 20% of the time... ???
    I was just happy to find a Work-around.

  • LOL! So funny! Its the reason I’ve watched my DVD of OfficeSpace about 100 times since it came out so long ago…. Its the reason Vince would be seen laughing his head off over just a “Look”… v

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  • ha!! Chris Yer a Funny-Guy!! v

  • Appreciate the Instructional...! Getting it into "Command Mode" has Been an issue for me.. Otherwise it has been Creating Log-Files Perfectly. I was trying to solve my questions by ordering a FTDI-Basic but am happy there are other ways I can access command mode. (changing the Config-file "Mode" setting to 2) So Big thanks for your Write-up!!! Vince Negrete

  • Stack the Chairs - Jump to my Human-Actobotics Handstand, and flip around this for a PERFECT-DISMOUNT!! (THAT, was the plan....)

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