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  • I'm one of the FastLED developers, and these lights look pretty interesting to me. One snag with the idea of a Kelvins-to-pixel-values here is that the datasheet provided here doesn't tell what the "color temperature" of the two different white LEDs are, so there'd be a little guessing going on there to estimate the native temperature of the cool and warm white. Maybe I'll grab one of these strips and see what I can come up with. (Development backlog is rather big right now, but RGBW and RGBWWW are in it, so this might be an interesting diversion.)

  • None of the sample code works (completely or reliably) on an Arduino Uno (R3, latest IDE is v1.5.4). The problems with getting the serial communication to work with this device are discussed here:
    It appears that this may be because of a timing conflict between SoftwareSerial and Serial, but as of Jan 17, 2014, no one has posted sample code that works completely. If anyone here has simple code that works, I'd love to see it... :/

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