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  • An irresistible addition to anyone starting out in electronics.

    Color codes in ACTUAL color is a nice touch! I will eventually cut that out and save it when I move my small components and datasheets to a binder (baseball card storer + small baggies).

    I tried putting these resistors in my stiffest breadboard and had with no problem at all! My loosest breadboard holds them pretty good as well.

  • These are nearly essential if you want to program a picaxe on breadboard. They are cheap enough to not be worth your while to make something similar on your own.

    It's very nice being able to plug this into a breadboard and quickly disconnect the programmer cable from the project if you need to move it to test it. Leave the product on the breadboard as it leaves a circuit every picaxe needs to run stable. Buy two if you're going to mess around with communications...

    The first one I bought got the pins that go in the breadboard all bent up when I left it on my desk, my fault, I know. When I tried to replace them with new ones I ended up melting the soldering pads off of the board, probably my own inexperienced mistake again. Luckily I was able to solder wires in place of the paths on the board. I used my own headers on the second one I bought because the ones that come with it bend a bit easy it seemed like.

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