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  • Nice work! Q: Where did you mount/put the power supply? Q: How did you link all the different cabinet segments together? Q: With 5 LEDs tied to each buck, did you just tie all of those back to the single laptop power supply?

    Suggestion: Instead of a manual switch, why not add an Arduino Pro Mini (or something else) and use a PIR as the switch. Just wave your hand under the cabinet and poof turn them all on. I did this for a headboard light, works nice.

  • Just so you know, Valentine’s Day is not an actual ‘holiday’. But don’t tell my sweetheart. ;)

  • You guys sell lots of little items. What’s the best way to submit new ideas for newly designed products, items for you to carry available only from China(larger/more variety 7-segment displays), etc?

    Also, I’d REALLY be interested in seeing your ‘Come learn’ events hit the road and come to our neck of the woods. (Upstate NY) Any thoughts about that?

  • I’m rather disappointed you’d even bother to write about this. I visit sparkfun.com to learn about and buy electronics, not read an angry female’s rant about a doll’s acquiescence to men about the use of technology.

  • I’d REALLY like to see an antenna or reader with 2-3 foot range. Possible?

  • About how long would that EL stay lit with that little inverter?

  • I’ve soldered several of these, never any problems.

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