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  • Product SEN-11486 | last month

    Anyone know why the pansenti library has vanished from the internet. I have an old copy but all references on github and pansenti blog have been pulled.

  • Product SEN-11486 | last year

    Yep mine did as well. You need to multiply and add offsets to the values to get a sphere. I have an old spreadsheet that ran a regression to get the offsets and factors..

  • Product BOB-10616 | last year

    Can I use one of these with a raspberry pi to control an electronic speed controller, ESC, for outrunner brushless motors? Sorry I don’t have a lot of experience with electronics but it would seem that I can connect this to a raspberry pi and use it to generate 4 separate pwm signals for a quadcopter?? The ESCs take a hybrid PWM signal where the pulse width defines the throttle. 1ms = 0 throttle and 2ms = full throttle.

  • Product SEN-11486 | about a year ago

    For those that are not aware. I was getting pretty much garbage from the magnetometer. It drove me nuts. Then I found out that the magnetometer needs to be calibrated before the output is useful. You can roughly calibrate by rotating the magnetometer around each axis while logging the data to a file. Then plot raw values x vs y, z vs x, z vs y. Add an offset to each raw output value to center the circles on 0,0.. Hope helps someone else. There are more sophisticated ellipsoid fit methods but the above method will get you going..

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