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  • I did some more testing, and I am measuring up to 1V AC on the DC input pins while the amp is “motorboating”. If I turn down the gain, then the voltage goes away as the noise stops.

    I tried adding a couple of capacitors (100uF) to the DC input, that didn’t do anything.

    There has to be something I’m missing…

  • I’ve built a couple of these kits and they are great.

    I’ve interfaced one with a Kemo M040N universal pre-amplifier. Again, the sound quality is great, nice and loud.


    If I turn the volume up more than about 20%, the amp looses control, and just starts rumbling.

    If you look at the wiring instructions for the Kemo Preamp here:

    It shows the input and output, and DC negative, all tied together. That’s how I have it wired up. However, even with no audio signal, the amp just starts rumbling like crazy.

    If I power the Kemo from a separate DC supply, then it works perfectly, up to full volume. Clearly the signal is coming from the power somehow. My intended application is running from a 12V battery, so separate power sources will not be an option.

    How do I isolate the DC inputs to each part? I guess I need way better filtering for the power amp.

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