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  • I have a question I hope you can help me out with. I am using the shield as a MIDI synthesizer, which is working great. What I want to do now is combine the analog output of this board with the output of another circuit, and then send the combined signal to my amplifier. My main worry is that the VS1053B might be damaged if I add an external voltage on the analog output pins. I know the values would have to be kept below the shield limit, but I am worried that it might still be damaged. So two concrete questions:

    Is the right and left output pins high or low impedance?

    Would it be possible to connect a similarly scaled signal (for example another MP3 shield) to the holes for external speakers and use the jack connector as output for both?

    I hope you understand what I am trying to do, which is basically connecting the output of two boards together.

  • I would like to ask for some assistance. I recently got this board for an Arduino UNO R3, and have been using it for real-time MIDI. Works like a charm. I recently tried to play MP3 files, and things quickly became more difficult. I have tried to follow this quick-start guide, but it does not work. I wrote my own code and managed to play music, but the quality is horrible, almost like the Arduino isn't able to sync the data transfer.

    I have run tests on my SD card, and it seems to be working nicely, both reading and writing.

    I have also tried downloading the library by Bill Porter suggested by MikeGrusin below, but I have no more luck with that. I can compile and upload the code, the board initializes and gives me the menu. I can issue different commands like +/- volume and SD-card diagnostics, everything is running fine.

    Then I try to play music. I usually get a fraction of a second of music, and then nothing. If I issue a new command (like +/- volume or i), the music continues (with the same noisy/popping quality as with my own code) before stopping and everything freezes until I restart the Arduino.

    The only issue I get is that it says: "Error code: 6 when trying to start MP3 player Warning: patch not found, skipping."

    From the github page I gathered that this means that the patch was not found, but I get the same error when I do have the patch files on the root of the SD card.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I have been struggling with this for days now. :)

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