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  • Must. Pass. Level.

  • Circuit boards? Where we are going we don't need circuit boards...

  • No, I am not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • I am a bit of a novice when it comes to audio inputs and the like. In the data sheet it claims that is supports SPI, Audio In, Mic In, PCM, I2S, SPDIF, I2C however it doesn't give much detail as to what is what.

    First pass this looks like a lot of "good" marketing speak. Is the PCM port the I2S protocol? How is SPI and/or SPDIF exposed and utilized? As I said, I am fairly new to audio formats and processing and would like to be able to inject audio from an Arduino into the purpletooth to play out over bluetooth.

  • Currently the tones only are sent out over the audio out jack. I played around with them and found that they are mixed in the output only and not sent over Bluetooth which would have been helpful. I have asked Blue Creation for this feature in the future.

  • Do these by default support more than just SBC in terms of codec? I read in the command set that if AAC and MP3 were desired to contact BlueCreations. I assume I would have to contact them to get that support? Assuming by default this doesn't support them.

    For the AptX codec, is the license they are referring to something that would have to be requested from CSR?

    thanks, -Dan

  • Do you think this would be a viable hacky sack?

  • This was an excellent purchase! I have a number of Christmas tree boards which once I get the components will make an excellent project for the boy scout electronics merit badge.

    Thanks! -Dan

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