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  • WOW! I have heard of Patent Troll's! Now Fluke might be the first Patent Zombie! Guess they're yeller is getting the best of them and now us. Sh!t

  • Hello, I started seeing this with analog IC's as far back 1981-82, The company I worked for, had to told the Taiwanese company that was doing our manufacturing to stop and diss. It was interesting to find out, that we specified a one source dual comparator IC, that was not to be second source due to tolerances at high temperatures. Since our product was conformal coated. It was hard to see that the comparator was double stamped. Then they went too the trouble of washing off the original markings and re-stamping the RCA information and version that was spec-ed out. Wow, I was proud; of figuring it out at such an early technician, what a mess, ten thousand unit piece replacement cost.

  • At first peek Modkit looked like a new and interesting idea. But I do not see any changes in their Blog since mid Sept. 2010. I have just purchase this shield yesterday, is anyone using it in a configuration yet? Either straight IDE or Modkit software front-end? I signed in for the invite at the website, but was wondering if there is a approximate due date for public release?