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  • Also, can someone describe a way to definitively test the output with a scope or meter?

  • Hi All, The hookup guide says this about the jumper pads on the board... "As an advanced trick, you can short both pads to the center (connecting both resistors in parallel) to set the charge current to 60mA."

    Can someone verify this is indeed true? 60mA? I'm a little skeptical because one is 100mA, the other is 500mA... 100 + 500 = 600... Logically, I would assume jumping both would be additive, but I am not an EE. I've blown up enough circuits to conclude that electrical engineering is more magic than logic.

  • Next week on 'Kisses and Chips', the guys demonstrate the power of the Atmega328-PU.

  • Um.. Guys? Did anyone see a red box? About 1.5 pounds?
    [Edit: Turns out, the Girls had it. My bad.]

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