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  • I pulled the chip and verified the display wiring, all the segments lighted as expected. I’ll burn a new chip and see if I can make it work.

    More to come..

  • I’ll take a look again at it tomorrow. I do have the flag bits set as above, same as on the boards.txt. Maybe I’ll try a new chip…

    What’s up with the 3.1 branch? Is that a new branch with the serial lib merged in?


  • Hi,

    I’m trying to build a COM-11443 on a breadboard. I am using a 328P. I downloaded both versions of the software from GIThub. (Master and v3.1_live.) I can’t get either one to work properly. The 3.1 version displaies 3 mangeled “5’s” on the right most LEDS. (The bottom segment is missing.

    The master version displaies all digits, but nothing resembling what I write to the serial port. The diaplay also has bad flicker.

    I verified that the connections from the MPU and display are correct according to the software definitions. I also changed to the S7S in the define without luck.

    Which version of the software works?

    Is there anything else that would be giving me trouble?

    Thanks in advance,


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