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  • Not the target audience. Just WOW! So far your statement has divided your customer base, I suppose that was the intended idea? I have read this blog for years and backed your company when I can, I am very disappointed that... not only did you choose a technical blog to voice your OPINION but you did it without regard for people who may not agree with your views. Your "target" audience is everyone who reads your posts. I do believe you did this as a vanity post, you are ticked off and like the hollywood elites this is the convenient medium in which you vent. No other tech blog, site or COMPANY has jumped into the fray on this issue and I commend them for their silence and their dedication to technology instead of politics.

    Let’s address the reasons: you needed to get out to your customers, distributors and suppliers. Isn’t there another way to do this? You actually believe that your customers, suppliers and distributors all agree with your viewpoint and be sympathetic to your views? They were actually desperate to understand your viewpoint on this? Again I have not seen this on any other COMPANY website that I deal with and purchase from. Really? That is your excuse? Again I do believe this was a vanity post to ensure the folks knew you were ticked off. Just to clarify your target audience was everyone who visits your COMPANY website, your target responses were exactly what you received. Free speech brother, I understand, the freedom to shop elsewhere is also a response.

    Again I really don't agree with either issue, from either side. One side thinks they “won” everything and the other cannot get over losing. They both have their merits and their issues. I am just upset that you chose to air this out on your COMPANY website. In your subsequent posts it does look like you are glib and flippant regarding the retention of a diverse customer base. Again disappointed.

  • While I do not agree with Member #516066 on the wording of his post I must agree with him that there was in fact no law broken (at this time). Bans have been put into place in the past. Trump did not break any laws. The courts will decide the legality in the near future. As to whether I agree is an internal conflict.

    However, using a technology blog focused on... well technology to spew political debates now makes me wonder if any other issues in the future may "upset" you. So the Sparkfun tech blog is going to turn into a Huffington Post blog. There are of course many other mediums in which to voice concerns, but this just seems a little hollywood. So in using a podium in which to voice views that quite a few people do not agree with you on is rather cutting your own throat. Again you come off as another group who does not like what they see, right or wrong, uses their wonderful tech blog that I read every day, to now start preaching from. I know I am in the 2% on here but I do have a feeling you may lose customers by using this blog to voice POLITICAL concerns. I look forward to see what pisses you off next.

  • Welcome to Comcast support. Please hold... you are 10,452nd in line for the next operator.

  • Hard Hats: Protecting the walking dead from headshots, swords, and baseball bats. Bring it on!

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