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  • Thx for the advice, but unfortunately didn’t help. I set register 0x06 to value b00011010 instead of b00011110. Also, I’m using I2C communication, don’t know if this matters… Next to changing the charge pump value, I also completely rewired, resoldered all parts to no purpose :-( Any other ideas? Could it be the antenna? I now soldered about 80cm of stranded hookup wire onto the breakout board.

  • Hi! Did you manage to solve the problem with the noise from the I2C bus? I’m interested to hear about your solution.

  • Hi, I don’t get the gyro and compass to work. Does someone have any advise? I did manage to get the individual brakeout boards of the gyro and compass to work, how does this board differ? Thanks!

  • For anyone considering this part: It truly is a great FM transmitter! I’ve made something similar to http://www.km5z.us/FM-Stereo-Broadcaster.php However I notice that some noise of the electronics is picked up in the signal. As I’m not really an expert in this, can anyone give me advise on how I can make sure this doesn’t happen? Probably a capacitor somewhere (where??) or shielding of the audio lines? Many thanks!

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